Friday, August 10, 2012

Hello! My name is Alline and welcome to my webpage. I did this page as a project specially for Writing ESCO, --an English as a 2nd Language and Web Design program. If you want to hire me, just use the contact form available on this site. Below is my Curriculum vitae, along with some samples of online websites and content material I've produced perversely.

Graduated with honors from ECS
12 years of marketing and advertising experience (in particular intended for Web based target audience)
5 years of website development experience.
Dedicated, team player employee with a taste for information.

Work Experience.
Writing ESCO,2009 - Present
Staff Manager
Given the task of selecting a international group of writers to accommodate a specialized list of advanced goals and objectives.
- Set cutting edge records for output, growing production by 30% globally
- Correctly handled ongoing logs of task distribution
- Supervised QA for international creation over a large group of writers

Self-employed Web Designer

Additional Expertise
Fluent in Indonesian
Outstanding competence utilizing huge choice of office software

Samples of my English writing work:

Waldport Oregon

Campers can take advantage of the tents for rent which are equipped with electric connection. They can also be provided with camping accessories for rents such as bunk beds, a grill, picnic tables and electricity. There are also amenities provided for the... Find out more...

Water Parks In NJ

Is the stifling heat finally getting into your nerves? You’ll be amazed by how the people from New Jersey never get vexed with the sun’s scorching heat as a matter of fact for them, this would be the perfect time to bathe and bask in the streaming rays of heat emanating from the sun as they take a plunge into New Jersey’s famous water parks. No wonder thousands of... Click here to read more..

Wawanesa California

Although Wawanesa California is the headquarters of the company in the US, it still works under the Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company of Canada. The Wawanesa... Continue reading..

Westminster MD

This astounding city is geographically located at one of Maryland’s biggest cities. Its land covers an approximation of 6.38 square miles and with a wide patch of land that... Source..

Manzanita Oregon

Activities such as putting up a camp site, horse riding, beach combing and catching fish are possible. Note that the park has special access options. Oswald Western State Plaza – located at the northern part of Manzanita and is also one of the most preferred Eco attractions because of its wildlife feature. Mount... Source of information..


The total population of Moscow totals over 15 million. It is where the biggest trades of the country take place. One of the great tourist destinations in Russia is St. Petersburg which is considered as the country’s cultural capital. In this city, you will experience a more relaxed and smooth approach to... Read more..

Belize Map

It is really difficult to imagine that rainfall in a small country like Belize could vary in different places. In case you’re planning a vacation in Belize, just make sure to bring boots and rain... To read more click here...

Chilean Flag

During this time, the country was still struggling for independence. On July 4, 1812, the first raising of this flag took place during a banquet which celebrated the US’ independence. When the flag was raised for the first time, it created a great influence and... Source of information..

Colombian Flag

The red and blue stripes are of equal size, measuring a quarter of the total area of the flag. The flag of Colombia was adopted in the... Continue reading..

Denver ZIP

For every US state, there are different zip codes available for different areas. Like in Denver, a list of these... Source..

Ecuador Map

Planning on a trip to Ecuador for the first time and yet the only thing holding you back is the fear of getting lost somewhere in the middle of South America? Well, you’re not the only one. Have you ever thought of equipping yourself first before you start on your trip?... Source..

Egyptian Flag

A new United Arab Republic flag was established by a Presidential Decree in 1958. This included a merger of Egypt and Syria. The new national flag of Egypt had three different colors such as red, black and white with two green... Find out more...

European Flags

With all the on-going revolution as well as the present political climate, it is not surprising if modifications for the designs of the national flag are impending. From 1785 up to 1931, and then in 1936, the shades on the Spanish flags are primarily colored with... More on this site..

Map Of Belize

This is a perfect travel destination for travelers because they can find a large number of lodges and hotels here. There are a lot of things to do in Belize like numerous adventure trips such as kayaking, paddleboarding, kitesurfing,... Source..

Map Of Earth

A geological map is designed to show the planet’s physical surface and characteristics of underlying rocks, subsurface structures and fault lines. A projection is generally used for maps that represent the surface of the planet. It is a way of converting a three-dimensional body to a two-dimensional one. The most popular... Click here to continue..

Map Of The World

At some point in our life as students, we were asked by our history professors to study the map of the world. Some meticulous professors even require us to memorize every continent and every capital of every... Click here to continue..

Nicaragua Map

The highest point of the country is 2,438 meters from Mogoton and 0 meters from the Pacific Ocean, which is the lowest point. There are so many natural resources found in the country including copper, lead, zinc, silver and gold. The country also has the largest freshwater body in the whole Central America, the Lago de Nicaragua. The country is mountainous in the west. The Pacific coast of the country is very fertile.   Nicaragua was under... Click here to continue..

Romanian Flag

The national Romanian flag has three different colors namely blue, yellow and red. These colors are arranged in equal- sized vertical stripes- blue being on the left side, red on the... Source..

Where Is Belize

A half hour travel by boat will bring you to Belize from Izabal. The Caribbean Sea is featured on the east of Belize. It is known as the world’s second largest reef- barrier. It measures 386 kilometers with much of it is marshy coastline. Belize has a total land area of 22,960 This area is twice... Source..

Where Is Costa Rica

It follows a democratic tradition and has a peaceful society. It has no army since 1949. The people living in this country have a better living standards compared to any other countries. It has a nice tourism in which most people would love to enjoy and relax with their families and friends. Tourism in this country is the main source of its foreign exchange.... Read more..

Where Is Croatia

It is the 127th largest country with a total area of 56,594 square kilometers. 56,414 square kilometers of it is land and 128 square kilometers is water. Knowing where Croatia is easy if you know what to use and where to look. You can also buy a map or search for pictures showing the country. With today’s technological advancement researching information has been a... Source..

Where Is Egypt

The majority of this population lives near the banks of the very famous Nile River. The very famous Sahara Desert is also found in this country. Almost half of the residents of Egypt live in... Continue reading..

Where Is Fiji

Its capital city is Suva and Suva is the largest city of Fiji which is located in the midway between south and east coast of the island of Viti Levu. Viti Levu is the largest island among the other islands that comprises the country. Viti Levu is... Find out more...

Where Is Niagara Falls

The two sections of the falls are located in America and Canada. Niagara Falls located in Canada is the most powerful waterfalls ever known in North America and it is also the most popular one in the whole world. Where is Niagara Falls located in Canada? It is located 75 miles from the south- southeast of the Canadian City of Toronto in Ontario. The falls is not only a beautiful spot in the USA and Canada... Source of information..

Where Is Prague

There are four countries bordering Czech Republic such as Poland (to the North), Austria (South), Germany (West) and Slovak (East). There are great rail and road links to any of the said four countries from Prague. The minimum number of days required for visitors to feel the great experience of staying in the city is four.... Click here to continue..

Hotels Ottawa

There are no shortage of hotels Ottawa for a person to choose form as and there are also a lot things that go... Continue reading..

Cheap Hotels

Travel agencies will surely have packages to offer. Find the best one that would suit your budget. For the hotel accommodation, make sure that every detail will be checked. Bear in mind that the hotel where you will be staying for the whole duration of your vacation will serve as your home away from home. To get the best deals, make sure that you... Read more..

Hotels Cheap

Nowadays, hotels have their own official websites where you can pay thru credit cards or Paypal. Moreover, you can speak directly to a customer representative over the phone and have your reservation made right away. For a more convenient process, it is better to... Click here to read more..

Hotels In Quebec City

You will learn about a number of hotels and their accommodation options. Hotels in Quebec City have a lot to provide you. So, making a reservation is truly worth investing in. Here are the top five Quebec City hotels based on guest rating and popularity ranking conducted by... Source..

Hotels Quebec City

The vast majority of its inhabitants speak French while others speak English. This city has enticed many travellers and sojourners because of its unique and mesmerizing landscape. If you wish to experience a tour around an old-fashioned city with its unfading delicate beauty then Quebec City is the city for you. There are many hotels in Quebec City to choose from. One can find the top most rated hotels in... More on this page..

Mississauga Hotels

Secondly, it is a major conduit in the middle of large cities in Canada and it happens to lie in routes... To read more click here...

Cheap Hotels

Motels however, are usually for the locals or for those who travel within the country since most of these motels are very easy to find with affordable rates. The motel setup is simple since most of these motels have only a room equipped with a TV, radio and of course, a bed where you can get a good night’s sleep.... More on this page..

Quebec City Hotel

Tourists will surely have a memorable and enjoyable temporal stay in the city’s finest hotels. In this article, we will list down few of the several hotels... Read more..

Saskatoon Hotels

If that will be the case then most probably you’ll spend loads of money in just one room without any idea of the possibility of spending a lesser amount of cash in a... Source of information..

Cheap Hotels

Travel Hotel options are thankfully widely available for most vacationers.You will have cheap hotel in most places that are rated by local... Click here to read more..

Windsor Hotels

The following are a few Windsor hotels that you can select from for your vacation in the city: The first choice you have is the Radisson Riverfront Hotel. This hotel is situated on the River of Detroit and can be reached on a less than five-minute trip from the famous, Detroit- Windsor Tunnel.... Find out more...

Amusement Parks In NJ

This family- oriented amusement park is known for its affordability. It features a number of great attractions such as a Ferris wheel, a roller coaster, Action River Ride, a wading pool, Old McDonald’s farm, a water slide, grand carousel and a lot more to discover. If you are planning to come in group or class, make advanced... Click here to continue..

Golf Pencils

It is also called library pencils. And based on its name, it is also used mainly when people are playing golf. These pencils are considered one... Source..

Spas In Mississauga

Young and older people actually avail of spa services regularly. Due to this influx of customers, there are now many spas located in different urban... Click here to read more..

How To Play Chess

We’ve all seen it on HBO or in classical movies, a scene where old men smoked cigars and who looked impossibly serious with their heads down and their eyes fixed on the black and white cardboard before them without ever stealing a glance at their opponents. We’ve all watched and observed how each facial crease signified deep contemplation as they pick up a character from one position and carefully places it on another position with the hopes that... Continue reading..

Types Of Exercise

Another term that shares the same meaning with conditioning exercises is resistance exercise which moves your muscles to resist or work against an object. To produce the same effects as those who do weights is to execute proper push-ups, sit-ups, leg lifts because these exercises can help strengthen the muscles. An aerobic exercise is any form of activity... Continue reading..

Water Parks In NJ

This park is situated in West Berlin, NJ. It is around fifty minutes south of the NJ’s capital Trenton and around thirty- five minutes southwest of the Coco Key Water Resort. Timbuktu Tree Fort is one of the... More on this site..

Wrestling Singlet

If the exercise shirt is long- sleeved, mark a line around the arm area to guide you in removing or cutting off such long sleeves. Next, measure around 3 inches below the underarm and around 2 inches from the edge of the shoulder. To increase the diameter of the neck, measure an arc or half a circle down from your collarbone to your chest’s midpoint. Measure another larger half... Source of information..

Pontoon Boats For Sale

For example, an 18-footer pontoon boat has a passenger capacity of six to nine. Moreover, about fifteen people can fit in to a 26- footer pontoon boat comfortably. Pontoon boats are primarily designed for traveling by canals, lakes and flats. Due to its short bow, the boat is not capable... Continue reading..

Destin Florida Weather

Taking a trip to a place with a totally unfamiliar and erratic weather can be a complete bummer. So brace yourself for the weather change possibilities, logging into online weather forecast websites will guide you on what clothes to pack and what to expect once you get there. If the trip you’re planning would be in Destin Florida you might find it useful to know more about the all-year... More on this page..

Newport Oregon Weather

Newport, Oregon’s oceanic temperate climate does not generally have “very intense” temperature shifts throughout the year. The temperatures and climate are dominated by the ocean in the entire year. Hence, there... Read more..

Niagara Falls Weather

The number of tourists peak on July and August. This is because the months of June to August are the months of summer in Niagara Falls. Summer should be one of the best seasons to visit the falls. Although the queue may be quite long, tourists will be able to go to all the featured attractions such as the Maid of the Mist, Journey behind the Falls and the Cave of the Winds. The Niagara Falls weather... Find out more...

Weather In Vancouver

For the whole year the weather in Vancouver is mild to moderate.It is considered as a warm city. The climate is always nice even during summer and winter. It rarely snows here and the summer weather is pleasant at around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Vancouver is protected by a mountain range on its west side and kept warm by the sea breeze of its coastal areas. During winter the temperature... More on this site..

Cheap Tickets For Military

Remember that military flight benefits vary from one airline company to another. You may compare the benefits between companies and see to it that the best offer is what you opt for. You are a military personnel and you deserve all the benefits that the government could ever offer.  ... Source..

Cheap Tickets For Military

Discounted air tickets are those that are sold in advance but unfortunately, they are not able to determine when they would be able to fly. Since money is an issue, there are those military personnel that take cheaper transportation alternatives instead like buses and trains. However, these methods take too long to get to their destinations so a lot of time is wasted on the trip and not with their respective families. This is the reason why... Source..